Gastronomy & Mixology

At our top terrace facing the sunset and the blue of the Aegean sea, you can taste our Mediterranean cuisine with an eclectic mix of the freshest local ingredients.

The open-air dining at our top terrace, the local products, the relaxing music and the Volcano view create a unique ambience among the deep blue of the sea.

Tasting our Mediterranean cuisine prepared using high-quality seasonal ingredients, drinking our local drinks and marvelling at the sunset and the blue of the Aegean Sea from the cliffs of the caldera complete the menu of a heavenly dinner and lunch.

The smell of our crudo pasta with fresh basil, the fish fillet of the day, a light tuna salad on Barley Rusk and a glass of wine of locally variety compose a delicate atmosphere.

A combination of the Aegean view and the delicious gastronomic variety of our dishes leads you to the seasonal Top Terrace Restaurant.

Private Dinner

The guests of the Porto Fira Suites can have a private dinner on their own balcony, a really romantic scenery under the moon and the night view of the island. A specially prepared dinner just for two is served by your personal waiter in the most romantic place ever!

Cocktails & Drinks

Our Top Terrace Bar is famous for the special cocktails, the fresh fruit smoothies, the local fresh beer, the light meals, the music and the magic of the summer night view. We wait for you to enjoy the most magical night to our terrace facing on the lighted caldera by night.